Represent This!

My honors thesis project. A website and blog dedicated to a personal passion of mine, the representation of women in media. The centerpiece is an 8,000-word essay, "Women on the Screen and Behind It," about the representation of women working behind the scene, the history of women in media and on specific topics such as body image and young women in media. The site also features a resource guide and a blog.

Pity Party Zine

A zine project created with three friends exploring Sad Girl Theory, a feminist art theory created by Audrey Wollen in 2013. Features visual art, writing and more from an all female, femme and non-binary-identifying group of contributors. Issue No. 1 was released in July 2016, Issue No. 2 in Dec. 2016 and Issue No. 3 in Feb. 2017. Check us out!



Queer Per-Zine

A per-zine (personal zine) I made for fun exploring my own queerness and identity through digital collage work.